Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps – Lifting Log

Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps - Lifting Log - Phase 4

Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps

Since last week was my max week for my 531-esque rep scheme, it means that this workout in phase 4 is essentially a free for all where I focus on deadlift movements and biceps as the minor focus. This is the first workout like this I’ll have posted because the first phase 4 workout yesterday is actually my max day for chest (I don’t follow a 531-esque rep scheme). Tonight the emphasis shifted from deadlifts to biceps! Celebrate those biceps, baby.

I started off by doing deadlifts that would lead into deficit deadlifts. If you follow my volume squatting days, you’ll notice I warm up with some minor-deficit deadlifts that I try to pull explosively. I feel that these are a nice tweak to the movement to help overload your body a bit. The really surprising thing is that I find sometimes I can pull extremely explosively from a pretty big deficit on certain sets. Tonight, the first set of 275 I did from a 3 inch deficit came up faster than my pulls at 135 and 225. It’s a pretty neat experience but I’m still trying to figure out why. I have a hunch it has something to do with getting in more leg  drive.

After my deadlifts, I tried doing some rack pulls for the first time ever. So, if you don’t know this about me, I’m short. I’m not short on wit though, so your sly comments will be met with something at least twice as sharp, slime. Short people with long arms are build for deadlifting. That’s me. I figured rack pulls would be a sweet transition. Go from a deficit to the complete opposite! I should be able to move a TON of weight. I ramped up to 315 easily, but if you look on the tables in this post, I couldn’t get past 315! 405 felt absurd. I couldn’t budge the weight in the rack. I’m going to associate these failures with a weak lower back. I bet you I’m able to pull well because I can get leg drive, but on these rack pulls, my lower back is to weak to brace the weight as I bring my hips forward. Might be something for me to need to build into my workouts.

And then… there was bicep work. Tonight I felt like I’d give my biceps a bit of TLC. I tried doing some variations of the curls I typically do, an then adding in some cable work I’ve been wanting to play around with. I actually think I like working out my forearms more than my biceps. I was finishing off with reverse curls and really just trying to get a huge pump in my forearms. I think beastly forearms are the most legit thing to build up (aside from filthy quads, obviously).

Anyway, tonight was a learning experience, and I really enjoyed it.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135
1 x 3225
1 x 32251.5" Deficit
1 x 32253" Deficit
2 x 32753" Deficit
2 x 33153" Deficit
Rack Pulls1 x 3135I'm apparently really bad at rack pulls.
1 x 3225
1 x 3315
0405Two failed attempts
1 x 3315
0365One failed attempt
Leg Press2 x 122 plates per side
Single Leg Press3 x 61 plate per sideCurls between sets
Strict Dumbbell Curl to Hammer Curl3 x (3 + 3)40
Two Hand Cable Curls2 x 842.5
1 x 837.5
Rope Curls3 x 832.5(I actually forget what weight I used)
One Hand Cable Curl3 x 812.5
One Hand Reverse Cable Curl2 x 87.5
1 x 1010
Stairmaster5 MinutesMedium Pace

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