Chest and Back A – Lifting Log

Chest and Back A - Lifting Log - Phase 4

Chest and Back Variation A

Have you been following along? Probably not, but that’s cool. I missed yesterday’s gym session because I was participating in a work event (I’ll be doing the same thing on Thursday). I love hitting the gym and I plan around it 99% of the time, so when I make exceptions to the rule for certain things, I don’t feel too bad about it. I also got my man crush up top there for this post’s picture, Mr Kai Greene. Probably my all-time favourite bodybuilder. If you haven’t heard of him, I suggest you read up.

Tonight’s session was the first workout in fourth and final phase of this cycle for me. It was max bench night, the big ol’ chest and back night, and I feel like I crushed it. It was the first time I ever benched two plates completely on my own without even calling over a spot for a confidence boost. I don’t care if you’ve been benching 225 since you were 17 (probably like a chump anyway) since I’m only in a competition with myself. I even went for a 230 bench afterward and called a spot over. I got that up after a bit of sticking a couple of inches off my chest, but I was psyched to see it fly up after the sticking point. I’ve been finding my bench is less about “I’m piling on weight and feeling stronger” and more about “I’m doing it completely on my own and gaining confidence”. I’ve always had confidence problems while benching (that feeling of being crushed under the weight), so that’s the single biggest area of improvement for my bench.

The rest of the workout was completely according to plan. That stupid cable pulldown machine in my gym is finally fixed, so I slapped on the close grip handle (I call it the DD handle because it looks like two capital Ds welded together… Creative, right?) and blasted a couple of sets of that. I even finished up with my 10 minutes of stairmaster cardio to hate my life.

The crazy thing about the past couple of days is that from my previous volume squatting workout, my legs are STILL absolutely fried. I only added a bit more volume compared to normal, and usually my legs are just a tiny bit sore the next day… But last night they started cramping up hard, and today was just as bad. I actually love experiencing that feeling because since I’m pretty regular in the gym (and often focus more on going heavy on my major lifts and less on volume) I don’t often feel like I’m being owned by DOMS.

Here’s hoping my legs are good for deadlifting tomorrow.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Bench Press3 x 3135
1 x 3155
1 x 3175
1 x 3185
1 x 3195
1 x 1205
1 x 1215
1 x 1225No spot called over. A true PR.
1 x 1230Spot called over, no help.
Incline Dumbbell Press1 x 675
2 x 680
(Super) Wide Grip Pullups6 x 6Bodyweight
Close Grip DD Handle Cable Pulldowns3 x 6130
Overhand Barbell Rows2 x 8135
Underhand Barbell Rows2 x 6155
Bench Press10x101053 sets super wide, 3 sets wide, 3 sets medium, 1 set narrow.
Stepper Mill10 minutesSteady Pace

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