Shoulders and Triceps A – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps A - Lifting Log - Phase 3

Shoulders and Triceps A

Holy smokes my shoulders are fried right now. My traps and upper back were actually pooched before I started lifting today, so I wonder if I was really squeezing my traps when deadlifting yesterday. Who knows.

Seated dumbbell press was extra good today. Like in the last phase, I added yet another rep to my typical set/rep scheme which was awesome. I’ve been kind of plateaued here for a while, so it would be radical if my shoulders got strong enough to hit 3x5x70 for seated dumbbells. For the standing military press that followed (and by the way, I only do this for more practice at performing the military press) I didn’t finish off the top set like I had hoped, but again, I think it’s because my traps are just obliterated right now. Don’t you dare sass me.

Tricep work is getting a little bit stale, save this one little variation I’ve been trying lately. I’ve always been told that when doing cable work I should plant my elbows/arms right against my lats. From what I’ve been told, this is primarily just to keep your arms from travelling forward/backwards instead of focusing on your arm extending. Fair enough. The variation I’ve been trying out is taking your standard two-hand cable pulldown (so your hands are on a straight bar attached to a cable (pulley at the top) and your palms are facing up as you pull down) and actually moving my elbows away from my body. I think I’ve developed enough stability/strength to do this now, but it allows me to keep constant tension on my triceps because at full extension I’m never locked out, and when my bicep is contracted I can more easily manage to keep tension on my tricep. It’s a little gem for me, but aside from that, my tricep work is getting lame.

Finished off the whole session with the stairmaster again. Best discovery that I’ve been afraid of for a while. Go figure.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Seated Dumbbell Press1 x 545Warmup with some arnold pressing with light weight before this
1 x 555
1 x 865
1 x 765
1 x 665
Skull Crushers3 x 8 / 870Close grip bench with the bar from mid torso after ever set
Standing Military Press2 x 5barSuper sets of the rear delt rows between all these sets
2 x 365
2 x 385
1 x 3105
1 x 3115
1 x 3125
2 x 1135Two sets of singles about 15 seconds apart.
Rear Delt Bent Over Dumbbell Row6 x 640
Rope Cable Pulldown1 x 2022.5These sets are superset with face pulls
1 x 1625
1 x 1427.5
Rope Face Pulls1 x 1030
2 x 1035
Two Hand Cable Push/Pulldowns1 x 16 / 840, 30These are superset with bent over rear delt cables.
1 x 14 / 637.5, 27.5
1 x 12 / 835, 27.5
Bent Over Rear Delt Cables3 x 1010
Reverse Pec Deck3 x 1085
Stairmaster10 minutesMedium Pace

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