Chest and Back A – Lifting Log

Chest and Back A - Lifting Log - Phase 3

Chest and Back A

Tonight was the first workout of phase 3 for me. It was basically absolute domination. Every set and rep felt great so my motivation is at a pretty high level. I was filled with energy and couldn’t ask for much more in my workout.

I ramped up with triples on flat bench until I got to 215 where I hit it for a double. I didn’t have a spot tonight, so last time I got 3×215, but tonight I was one short. Oh well, the confidence in the lift is what I was hoping for. I’ve never been confident to attempt two plates on my own (even for a single) so I’m hoping to smash that in phase 4. I followed up with incline dumbbells and had no issues there.

The back portion of my workout went smoothly as well. Nothing too notable here. I did try the stepper today, and holy sh*t that was an eye opener. I think I found my new favourite cardio machine though. I was soaking this thing with sweat and I was only on it for 10 minutes. Definitely sweet stuff right there.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Bench Press2 x 5Bar
2 x 3135
2 x 3155
1 x 3175
1 x 3185
1 x 3195
1 x 3205
1 x 2215
Incline Dumbbell Press3 x 1070
(Super) Wide Grip Pullups2 x 6Bodyweight
4 x 5Bodyweight
Overhand Barbell Rows3 x 6135
Underhand Barbell Rows3 x 8135
Bench Press10x101053 sets super wide, 3 sets wide, 3 sets medium, 1 set narrow.
Stepper Mill10 minutesSteady Pace

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