Volume Squatting – Lifting Log

Volume Squatting - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Volume Squatting

Tonight was a little bit rushed, but that’s real life for ya. Ended up skipping out on the direct core portion of my workout, but there was a ton of squatting to make up for it. I decided that it was time to add a bit more volume,  and I’ve been finding the pyramid scheme working really well. That is, if I do a couple sets of 10 before my heavier sets of 10, they go a lot smoother. The risk is that as I start to remove those primer sets to get back to post-surgery levels of volume, my work sets suffer. I decided that 8 sets of 180 was very manageable, but I could actually sneak in a few more sets of 10 at a lower weight. I added 2400 lbs of volume compared to pre-surgery versions of this workout, but I actually felt better doing it because of those “ramping” sets. Go figure.

I’m sure I’ll update this post later with a picture. Don’t cry. I just didn’t have time. Updated. Best day ever.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135Warming up the legs
1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 1.5" Deficit3 x 3225
Back Squats2 x 3135Extensive hamstring and hip stretching in between most sets.
1 x 10135Extra pyramid set
1 x 10165
8 x 10180
1 x 10165
1 x 10135Extra pyramid set
Front Squats3 x 3135
EZ Bar Curls1 x 1260
1 x 1060
1 x 860
1 x 1050
Reverse EZ Bar Curls2 x 850

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