Chest and Back B – Lifting Log

Chest and Back B - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Chest and Back Variation B

Nothing too exciting tonight, bros and girls. Just crushed another chest and back workout session. Energy levels were up pretty high despite having a late night last night and a poor sleep. I got lucky I guess, but I’ll probably pay for it tonight with another shit sleep and early start. That’s tomorrow’s problem though.

Hit 195 again on the incline which is good to see. No strength losses there. I was able to go right into sets of 10 for flat dumbbell presses as well, so it looks like I’m right back to pre-surgery condition for my chest at least. I cut the back portion of my workout a little short for barbell rows. I’m not a princess or anything, but when my lower back starts to have an odd feeling I choose not to push it to much further. Not worth the risk. If I had to take time off from squatting I’d lose my mind (not to mention, I’d turn into a little pansy like you). I was eyeing up the stepper mill at the end of my workout for cardio, but I couldn’t bring myself to try it. Stuck to the treadmill.

Did some meal prep tonight and got my carb source all sorted out for the next couple days. I snuck in some asparagus into my rice mix in hopes that I can eat more veggies. Worth a shot.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Incline Bench15Bar
2 x 3135
2 x 3155
2 x 3165
1 x 3175
1 x 3185
1 x 2195
Flat Dumbbell Press3 x 1070
Dumbbell Rows4 x 1075
Cable Flyes3 x 1522.5
Barbell Rows (Overhand)2 x 6135
Barbell Rows (Underhand)2 x 6135Lower back was starting to nag, so I decided I'd cut these a little short. Scary feeling to have.
Cable Rows3 x 1270
Incline Treadmill10 minutesBrisk Pace

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