Volume Squatting – Lifting Log

Volume Squatting - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Volume Squatting

Today was hot as sin both inside and outside of the gym. Makes it really hard to get a ton of volume in when you can’t see or breathe because you’re sweating so hard. I don’t live for excuses though, so I added two more sets at 180 to my 10×10 pyramid this week. I’m still a few lbs short of the 18000 lbs of volume I wanted to hit, but 17700 lbs isn’t too bad.

Overnight I slow cooked some chicken in BBQ sauce and sriracha to make some epic pulled chicken. Once I discovered my own slow cooker, I’ve realized that pulled meat is one of my favourite foods. The best part is that it takes absolutely no effort. Definite gains in there, kids.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135I warm up with these and then do a few from deficit after to get my legs a little bit primed. Low weight for explosiveness.
1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 1.5" Deficit3 x 3225
Back Squats2 x 3135Extensive hamstring and hip stretching in between most sets.
1 x 10165
8 x 10180Got two more sets at 180 in the pyramid this week.
1 x 10165
Front Squats3 x 3135Hold at bottom
Straight Bar Curls1 x 1060
1 x 860
1 x 660
1 x 860
1 x 660That's all I got.
Reverse EZ Bar Curls3 x 550Hold at the top of each rep
Weighted Situps3 x 613.2
Ab Wheel Rollouts3 x 8Bodyweight

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