Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps – Lifting Log

Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Legs (Deadlift Spec) and Biceps

Another killer workout tonight that I was pretty proud of. Despite watching a friend squat-rack-curl just under my bodyweight, I was still feeling good about myself. I managed to hit my prescribed reps and weight right on so I can’t ask for much more than that. Ended up at a deadlift triple at 365 lbs.

I followed up my pulling session with leg press and bicep curls. Bicep curls between sets let me get some additional arm work in while my legs rest. From there I moved onto walking lunges and hammer curls for a similar setup. I finished it all off with leg extensions to blast my quads and fry my forearms with some reverse curls. If you haven’t already figured this out, forearms are the sexiest part of the human body. Nothing says gains like some swole forearms, bro.

I ate out at lunch today. Sue me. It wasn’t fast food, but restaurant food isn’t much better. I also didn’t eat right after work like I would have wanted, so a nice 11pm dinner is how things went tonight. I still managed to have high energy levels the whole day and through my whole workout. Guess I did something right at least.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135
1 x 3225
1 x 3245
1 x 3285
1 x 3325
1 x 3365
Leg Press1 x 62 plates per sideDumbbell curls between these sets.
1 x 63 plates per side
1 x 64 plates per side
1 x 65 plates per side
1 x 66 plates per side
Dumbbell Curls5 x 540
Walking Lunges3 x 6100Hammer curls between sets
Hammer Curls3 x 640
Leg Extensions 2 x 12 (per leg)50Reverse curls between sets.
2 x 12 (per leg)55
Reverse EZ Bar Curls4 x 650

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