Chest and Back A – Lifting Log

Chest and Back - Lifting Log - Phase 2

Chest and Back A

Back at it hard, kids. Solid workout tonight hitting every rep I expected to and falling a bit short also where I expected to. I like to have some stretch goals in my workouts and as soon as I’m able to hit them consecutively I add some weight or add some reps.

Triples on flat bench were solid. Volume on incline dumbbell press fell a bit short on the final set (basically where I expect to fail). Did some barbell rows and pullups to toast my back.

For what it’s worth, barbell rows are still a relatively new exercise for me. I know. Gasp. Blasphemy. At least I’m not squatting for the first time, chump. I used to do a lot of T-bar rowing (old gym back in the day had a sweet T-bar stand to do rows that I loved) but since leaving there heavy rows sort of fell off the radar for me. I’m getting back into it, but I’m starting by ensuring I can ace my form before piling any weight on. I like to think that’s the smart thing to do since I see a lot of rows that make me cringe.

I hit up this sweet place called Busan at lunch for some Korean BBQ with a few colleagues. It was epic. It was essentially an endless supply of meat. You go in there thinking you’re going to eat everything, and after 45 minutes or so you learn that there is no victory when it comes to an endless supply of meat. I think that meal coupled with a killer power nap before my workout made the stars align. Hoping the rest of the workouts this phase go like tonight.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Bench Press2 x 6Bar
2 x 3135
2 x 3155
1 x 3175
1 x 3185
1 x 3195
1 x 3205
1 x 3215Spot on last rep (sticky a few inches above chest)
Incline Dumbbell Press2 x 1070
1 x 7703 reps short
(Super) Wide Grip Pullups7 x 5Bodyweight
Overhand Barbell Rows4 x 6135
Underhand Barbell Rows3 x 8135
Bench Press10x101055 sets super wide, 3 sets medium, 2 sets narrow.
Bike (Cardio)10 minutesSteady Pace

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