Volume Squatting – Lifting Log

Volume Squatting - Lifting Log - Active Recovery

Active Recovery Day 8

Had to start my day with a solid carb refeed. Oh boy was that ever needed. A nice big bowl of oats and granola will do the job just right. Slammed some rice at lunch and some pasta at dinner. Give. Me. Those. Carbs. When you see the volume below, you’ll understand.

Last volume squat day I was doing some pyramid style rep scheme to get back into the groove. I mentioned that the next time (so, that means today for those of you that forgot to have your caffeine dose for the day) that I was going to toss in a few more sets at 180. I did just that. I took 150 out of the pyramid for ramping up and down and added two more sets in the middle at 180. Still not at my 18000 lbs of volume compared to before, but 16800 lbs isn’t too far off.┬áBro, do you even arithmetic? (I’m only counting my sets of 10, for you smart asses).

I was gassed tonight though. Absolutely gassed. My shirt was entirely soaked. I’m talking not a speck of dry to even wipe my face. It was a disaster, but I hit every single rep like a f*cking bauss. One of my gym pals came up to greet me and touched my shoulder. I immediately had to apologize for basically drowning her. We almost lost a good one out there, folks. I’ll try not to let that happen again.

Front squats went well. I stuck to 135 and did some holds in the hole. Those felt pretty good, especially on the abs. Followed that up with a bit of bicep work (remember, I don’t have a big ol’ bicep day) but I couldn’t even go back up the pyramid.

I’m about to go drink as much water as will fit in my body. Probably head to bed right after because I’m wiped now. But in other news… That’s the last day of my first phase back. Phase one of this four phase cycle is officially complete. Looking forward to the next and not talking about this recovery bullshit.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Conventional Deadlifts2 x 5135I warm up with these and then do a few from deficit after to get my legs a little bit primed. Low weight for explosiveness.
1 x 3225
Conventional Deadlifts - 1.5" Deficit3 x 3225
Back Squats2 x 3135Extensive hamstring and hip stretching in between most sets.
1 x 10135
1 x 10165
6 x 10180Got two more sets at 180 in the pyramid this week.
1 x 10165
1 x 10135
Front Squats3 x 3135Hold at bottom
EZ Bar Curls1 x 1260Pyramid didn't work well today...
1 x 1060
1 x 860
1 x 660That's all I got.
Weighted Situps3 x 815.4
Ab Wheel Rollouts3 x 8Bodyweight

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