Shoulders and Triceps B – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps - Lifting Log - Active Recovery

Active Recovery Day 7 Fuck it I’m Recovered.

That’s it. I’m done with this recovery bullshit. I had a low carb day and still absolutely crushed my expectations. It’s about damn time I had a rock solid session in the gym. ¬†I’m sure my traps are going to be screaming at me tomorrow night… but that’s tomorrow night’s problem. I’ll have a bar sitting on my traps to keep them company anyway.

Workout started with some ramping sets for military press to warm up, and then an attempt at 5×5. I used to follow a 531 rep scheme for military press, but I found the jumps were just too drastic over a few months and I’d plateau at the same weight. I figured it was time to try something different (after resetting weight a few times in six months). Hey, I tried and I identified that it wasn’t working for me like it works for my squat and deadlift. Whatever. A few years back when I peaked body weight at just shy of 180 lbs, I was able to clean 135 from the ground and nail 5 reps. I could crush a 5×5 rep scheme this way. Except 5 lbs more and I couldn’t get the bar above my head. Go figure. I was also fatter than I wanted to be, and I squatted about 100 lbs less than I do now. Can’t complain I guess. Anyway, I was a little short on my last two sets tonight, but I was pumped that I felt so solid on each and every rep. I want my 5×5 back at 135 so I can try busting that plateau. It’s close, and I’m going to absolutely crush it when it comes up.

Tricep work was good tonight despite doing all my cable work on the pulley system I hate. I’ve taken a liking to doing a bunch of volume on the cables and getting my elbows in a position that essentially keeps constant tension on my triceps. I don’t need to lift as heavy but it fries my triceps. I even finished off with a couple quick and powerful reps of narrow grip bench. Now why didn’t I start with that big compound movement? Well, when I normally bench it’s pretty narrow.¬†Proportionally, my triceps are a decent size and it’s likely because I bench that way. I really just like blasting out a couple reps of it at the end of a workout to get that last little bit out.

I got another meal up from today. Looks boring as hell, doesn’t it? That’s what low carb day looks like for me. Protein shakes, meat, and an excuse to eat veggies. I hate it. It only makes all of the carbs tomorrow taste that much better though.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Standing Military Press2 x 5Bar
2 x 365
2 x 385
1 x 3105
1 x 3115
3 x 5125
2 x 4125Last two sets I failed on the last rep halfway up. Before surgery I was hitting 5x5 @ 115 so... This is potentially an improvement.
Snatch Grip Shrugs4 x 8135Super sets of the lateral dumbbell raises between all these sets
2 x 6225
Lateral Dumbbell Raises5 x 525
Standing Military Press (Wide/narrow supersets)2 x 5, 2x365More volume please. I like hitting military press multiple times because it's completely different once your traps/shoulders are toast.
2 x 5, 2x385Upright plate rows between all of these sets
Upright Plate Row4 x 535
Rope Cable Pulldown1 x 1520This was on the stupid single pulley... Oh well.
1 x 1030
2 x 1022.5
2H Cable Overhand Pressdown4 x 1240
2H Cable Underhand Pressdown4 x 1222.5
Narrow Grip Bench3 x 3135Just a little finisher for fun.
Bike (Cardio)10 minutesFast Pace

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