Legs (Box Squat Spec) and Biceps – Lifting Log

Legs (Box Squat Spec) and Biceps - Lifting Log - Active Recovery

Active Recovery Day 6…

Today I woke up and my quads were still on fire from my volume squatting session the other day, but I wasn’t about to avoid my box squats tonight. There was no way in hell. That’s what a coward like you would do, and I’m no coward. A little bit of quad tenderness isn’t going to stop me from throwing around some iron.

If you’ve been following along, I said that today I was gong to butcher my scheduled rep scheme to try and hit the target weight still. This worked pretty well on my last deadlift day after my surgery, but unfortunately today it didn’t go as well. Still not bad though. I hit 300 for two reps where I wanted three (and really the scheduled number was five) but I’m not that upset. My current measured max is two at 335, so I’m not that far off in my opinion. If you don’t believe me just keep following along and I’ll prove your punk-ass wrong.

I was able to get my bicep supersets in today just as well as I could before my surgery, so I’d say that’s at least one body part that’s back up to speed. My front squats tonight actually went better than I had planned. I had worked up to 175 triples, which I was doing before surgery, but I stopped there. Some days I’d continue to ramp with doubles and singles up to 205, but tonight I didn’t bother. As I said, my quads were the muscle in my body that still felt completely wrecked so I decided not to push it too hard. I’m all about working hard, but I’m not about working stupid, dummy. C’mon now.

Did you see the breakfast I made today? I’ll be honest… It wasn’t all for me. I had an old friend that came up on Saturday night so I made us a breakfast of champions. 10 eggs, a pile of ground beef, broccoli, some mixed veggies, and a bagel each. Talk about gains… It was difficult to get down, but nobody said it was going to be easy.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeightComments
Box Squats3 x 5135There's hamstring, quad, and hip stretching throughout these sets. Every single rep is done explosively (enough to hear the bar/plats clack).
2 x 3185Every single rep is done explosively (enough to hear the bar/plats clack).
1 x 3225
1 x 3265
1 x 2300Target was 3 reps but I didn't trust that I could knock off the third.
Stiff Leg Deadlifts1 x 6135Dumbbell curls between these sets.
2 x 6155
1 x 6165
Dumbbell Curls4 x 540
Front Squats1 x 3135Hammer curls between these sets.
1 x 3155
1 x 3165
1 x 3175
Hammer Curls4 x 640
Leg Extensions 3 x 12 (per leg)50Reverse EZ bar curls between these sets.
Reverse EZ Bar Curls3 x 850

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