Shoulders and Triceps A – Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps A - Lifting Log - Active Recovery

Active Recovery Day 3…

Okay bros of swole, I’m on the right track here with my recovery. ¬†Pretty pysched to see that my shoulder workout wasn’t bad like I had anticipated. Hell, I haven’t even started back on the pre workout train yet.

There was nothing really note worthy about tonight’s workout though. I did my seated shoulderpress with dumbbells 5 lbs lighter than usual (but for more reps than usual). For my standing military press triplets, I ended up at 10 lbs less than I fail at (i.e. I’ve been hitting 135 for 2 or 3, but I ended up at 125 for 3 tonight).

Tomorrow is the big day for me. I’ve been trying something some might call a bit crazy over the past few months. I’ve added two high volume squat days to my routine and I’ve been consistently adding 5 lbs to the bar once a month from 135 up to 180. Tomorrow I’d be slated to do 185 for 10×10. I’m betting that’s not going to happen at all. I’m anticipating that I might try doing a 10×10 from 135 up to 180 and back down to 135 some how. Some sort of pyramid that I’ll figure out tomorrow. Then next high volume day I’ll try 180. and then I’ll try 185 by the end of this cycle. I’ll likely redo 185 next cycle to for my target weight.

Sit tight bros and girls.

The Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsWeight (lbs)Comments
Seated Dumbbell Press1 x 545Warmup with some arnold pressing with light weight before this
1 x 550
1 x 860
1 x 760
1 x 660
Skull Crushers3 x 6 / 660I do a reps of close grip bench with the bar from mid torso after ever set
Standing Military Press2 x 5bar
2 x 365Super sets of the rear delt rows between all these sets
2 x 385
2 x 3105
1 x 3115
1 x 3125
Rear Delt Bent Over Dumbbell Row7 x 635
Rope Cable Pulldown1 x 2022.5These sets are superset with face pulls
2 x 1625
Face Pulls1 x 1027.5
2 x 1032.5
V-Grip Cable Press Down1 x 1640Superset the rear delt cables between these
1x 1440
1 x 1240
Bent Over Rear Delt Cables1 x 1012.5
1 x 1010
1 x 8 10
Bike (Cardio)10 minutesFast PaceDidn't do my close grip bench today. Next time, bro.

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